English language is not difficult to master. To understand the language one needs to understand the basics of grammar. One also needs to read various books and magazines to grasp the nuances of the language. This will enable the candidate not only to have an analytical ability but also helps the person to strengthen his/her vocabulary usage. There is no end to learn or mug up English vocabulary. The more you read, the more you learn.


The difficult parts of English are:

Some tips:

If you are able to follow the points listed above, then you will surely do well in your competitive examinations. The secret to success lies in hard work, persistence and constant practice. The more you practice, the more you will be confident of the language.

Since English is a mixture of words from many languages, there is no set of rules that will cover the spelling of all English words. This is because a large part of English tradition life and language is based upon classical origins. A list of confusables is given in your content to highlight this. Long ago Latin and Greek had been the language of civilization in England. This Greeco-Roman culture in school time table was thus irritably accepted.

To simplify the use of this very rich English language course, examples are given and a large number of alternatives to practice the appropriate antonyms for which proper synonyms have to be chosen. After making this exhaustive practice, the student should do well to compare the correct answer given. By different exercises, and ample illustrations the uses of vocabulary can be perfected by comparing the answers, given automatically without any external heip.

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